Author: AScott
•7:13 PM
I had so much fun reminiscing on the Cloth Diaper Whisperer I wanted to put them all in one place!

1. One time when I was changing my babies diaper, the moment I took off her dirty diaper and went to grab a clean one she proceeded to poop several large nuggets right on the changing table. That was exciting!

2. I'm sure this has happened to everyone and has several times to me so far. After taking off a poopy diaper, I placed it at the end of the changing table and then my little baby girl starts kicking frantically and gets poop all over her feet and legs! Those are always fun!

3. I don't know how I forgot about this story. I decided to take my 9 month old baby to the mall with me. I went to a clothing store and picked out some clothes to try on in a dressing room. Well, while I was in there I noticed DD had started leaking out of her CD. I didn't want to wait to change her until after I had tried things on and checked out. So, I decided to try and change her in her stroller. BAD IDEA! Getting the diaper off was the easy part, but then she started to squirm all over and up the back of the stroller. It was impossible! It was a small room without anywhere to sit or lay her, so I ended up throwing her over my shoulder and tried to put the diaper on her one handed, which is reeeally hard! She was screaming her head off, goodness knows what the people in the store were thinking. Diaper somewhat on and back in the stroller, I gave her a juice bottle and everything was fine. Never doing that again!

4. Whenever my baby had diarrhea I had to get a sample in a cup to send to the lab. Well, unfortunately she didn't poo at the doctors office, but on the way home I heard her poo grunting noises. I ended up pulling over and scraping what little of the diarrhea poo that was solid into the cup. These are things you never think of yourself doing before you have kids!

5. So I find it amazing how baby poops can define how well my day will go. When my baby poops, there is no mistaking it. She gets that strained, grunty look that is usually followed by high pitched and distressed squealing. Then there is the mad rush to the changing table to get that poop OFF her bottom! The harder the poop, the louder and longer she squeals. This morning she had three poops, very evenly spaced throughout the morning, each bigger than the last. By the time I got her calmed down from one poop, she would poop again and the process would start all over. It wasn't until after her 2pm nap that everything kind of settled down. Phew!
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