Author: AScott
•4:17 PM

Here she is in her Ju Ju Be purse!

So Haven is now in seperation anxiety and stranger danger phase. Fun!! She starts crying when anybody starts talking to her besides me or my husband, it's so sad! I also can't leave her in the playard or playzone without her instantly screaming, it makes it hard to get anything done! Poor little girl. :)

Author: AScott
•6:07 PM

I got my new Packabe in and it is amazing!!

Author: AScott
•10:16 AM

I'm begining to dread these more and more. I don't know who dreads them more, me or Haven! She had her nine month checkup today and it was brutal. She was so upset, which makes me so sad! The doctor tells me that we're gonna have to start teaching her the word no, I don't think I'm ready for that yet. haha I know I need to start teaching her limits, but I like the parenting method of giving her another option instead.

Apparently she should be able to hold her bottle by herself. I told him Haven is very content with me holding it for her. I've tried getting her to feed herself, but she either drops the bottle or plays with it....then the moment I step in to help she drops both her arms and starts to drink. Oh well, maybe she just isn't ready yet!
Author: AScott
•4:56 PM

I just got this in yesterday. I was anxious to try it out since it is my first pocket diaper. The two tone colors are really cute! Sizing the diaper was super easy once I figured it out and I am liking the snaps so far over velcro, since the velcro seems to wear more easily and can be a pain in the wash. I'm torn between pockets and all-in-twos, since the pockets you can't reuse, but they do seem to fit overall better and be more comfy. Maybe I'll stock up on some more pockets! :)

Author: AScott
•10:39 AM

So my two playzone's arrived yesterday and I promptly set it up. Haven is a little overwhelmed by the amount of space at the moment, but I'm sure she'll get used to it! She loves the activity walls too. Now I just have to convince hubby to let me get more stuff to put in it! :)
Author: AScott
•7:52 PM

So this is a preview of my diaper change area. I used to be so good with photoshop type things and the internet in my younger days, somehow I have lost my touch, or gotten lazy, either way that is why there are no arrows. :D

There are the extra soakers/doublers/cloths/diaper pad liners beneath the diaper pad. Hanging shells to dry. Cloth wipe warmer, extra shells, and so on. There is even a small little shelf for daddy disposables for when he doens't feel like messing with cloth!

Author: AScott
•5:59 PM
When I was pregnant last year with my first baby, I thought cloth diapers sounded like a great way to save money and help the environment, although I really had no clue about them. When my baby was born, as you know, your life gets turned upside down and I completely forgot about them.

I was walking through Target one day and saw a pack of prefold cloth diapers on was like a light bulb went off in my head and I thought, "Oh yeah! I was gonna try doing cloth!" Haven was six months old at the time and so I went right home to peruse amazon for some choices.

I decided to go with the softbums diapers since they seemed to have some good reviews, and well, there's a panda on the tag!! (I love panda's) They seemed super easy since you just snap the insert in and reuse the shell. I bought enough to last me through the day and wash them at night. It is taking awhile to get my husband used to them, but I'm sure he'll come around.

I saw the Cloth Diaper Whisperer blog and it inspired me to want to try all the different types out there. My budget is tight, so my stash will probably grow slowly. :)
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•5:57 PM
First post, I havn't had a blog in probably 7 or 8 years! It's amazing how busy your life can get. That's what falling in love will do to you. I stopped blogging right after I met my guy on the internet. We had a baby last year, so it has only gotten more crazy!