Author: AScott
•4:53 PM
So my husband is out of town for the week for a business trip in Las Vegas. Lucky guy gets to stay in a suite at the Venetian. I'm jealous!! Anyway, it has been a quest the past few days keeping me and Haven occupied. Despite my declaration to eat healthier a few weeks ago, I decided to go out in the afternoons just to get out of the house and pick up dinner through a drive thru. Even though my husband usually only gets home from work about an hour before Haven goes to sleep, it really helps to have that to look forward to and have him look after her for a few minutes while I finish up on some chores.

I've managed pretty good so far! We walked around the mall for a little bit and she actually did pretty good in the stroller. I've been contemplating getting a rear facing stroller because she just doesn't like not being able to see me. I'm hoping that she is getting used to it now, cause I'd rather save that money for something else!

Funny moment of the day: We were playing with her Learning Home and I placed a shape on my head for her to grab. She proceeded to grab it and then bang it repeatedly on my forehead. ow!!
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